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Renting a car is a popular option for exploring Bacalar and its surroundings. It's important to have a valid driver's license, and renters aged 21-24 may incur an additional fee. The average rental cost is around $25-$50 USD per day.

Taking a dip in the famous Bacalar Lagoon, going for a sunrise kayak or paddleboard adventure, and visiting Pirates Canal for the best views of the lagoon are highly recommended activities​​.

1. Boat Cruise on Bacalar Lagoon: Explore the Pirates’ Channel, Black Cenote, the Island of Birds, and Cenote Esmeralda with options for snorkeling and enjoying a full-body mud mask​​. 2. Float down the river at Los Rapidos de Bacalar: A unique experience at a lively restaurant/bar with options for kayaking and snorkeling​​. 3. Kayaking on the Lagoon: Enjoy the peace and natural beauty of the lagoon by kayak​​. 4. Experience sunrise on a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP): Glide through Bacalar Lagoon’s best sites at sunrise, including the Lagoon of Seven Colors and Cenote Esmeralda​​. 5. Eat at Mango y Chile: Known for serving some of the best vegan burgers right by the lagoon​​.

While specific cenotes are not listed in the FAQs, Bacalar is known for its proximity to several beautiful cenotes. Each offers a unique experience, from swimming to snorkeling in clear, fresh waters​​.

Popular activities include taking a boat tour of Bacalar Lagoon, relaxing in the pools of Cenotes Cocalitos, and visiting El Encanto for its private beach and kayak rentals.