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Exploring Laguna Bacalar by Catamaran: A Serene Journey

Drift into tranquility on Laguna Bacalar aboard a catamaran, where the gentle breezes and the lagoon's mirrored surface promise a serene journey. This experience offers a unique perspective, revealing its hidden corners and undisturbed natural beauty. Glide across the water with ease, the catamaran's twin hulls providing a stable, smooth and eco-friendly ride, allowing you to soak in the panoramic views and the peaceful rhythm of life on the water in Bacalar.

The Journey

The catamaran voyage sets sail towards Bacalar's most captivating landmarks, blending adventure with tranquility. As the sails catch the breeze, passengers are transported to a world where time seems to stand still. The tour is meticulously designed to showcase the lagoon's best-kept secrets, including the mystical Cenote de la Bruja, the historic Pirates’ Channel, the ecologically rich Bird Island, and the stunning Cenote Esmeralda, celebrated for its ancient stromatolites.

Each stop is a chapter in the story of Bacalar, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its enchanting depths. The Cenote de la Bruja, or Witch’s Cenote, is the smallest yet one of the most intriguing, with legends whispering through its clear waters. The Pirates’ Channel narrates tales of marauders and smugglers from centuries past, adding a dash of intrigue to the serene waters. Bird Island serves as a sanctuary for diverse bird species, offering a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike. Meanwhile, the Cenote Esmeralda dazzles with its crystal-clear waters and ancient stromatolites, providing a rare glimpse into the earth’s primordial life.

Activities and Inclusions

Beyond the scenic vistas, the catamaran tour is enriched with activities like snorkeling, allowing passengers to dive into Bacalar's underwater marvels. The experience is crafted with safety and comfort in mind, ensuring life jackets, dry bags, and even passenger insurance are provided. This thoughtful approach extends to the inclusion of snacks and refreshments, ensuring a delightful culinary accompaniment to the visual feast.

But what truly sets this journey apart is its commitment to eco-tourism. By choosing a catamaran—a vessel that harnesses the wind for propulsion—visitors engage with the environment respectfully, preserving the lagoon's pristine condition. This symbiotic relationship with nature is at the heart of the Bacalar catamaran experience, offering a voyage that is as enlightening as it is exhilarating.


The catamaran tour of Laguna Bacalar transcends the typical tourist excursion, offering a deeper connection with the natural world and a unique insight into the region's history. It's an eco-friendly exploration that respects the beauty and fragility of Bacalar, leaving those who embark on this journey with a sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for one of Mexico's most breathtaking landscapes. In the gentle lap of the waves and the whisper of the wind, the spirit of Bacalar is revealed, inviting all who visit to not just see, but truly experience its magic.