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Beachfront Bliss: The Best Waterfront Properties in Bacalar


In a destination known for its serene waters and vibrant hues, a stay at a beachfront property in Bacalar is more than just a vacation; it's an immersion into tranquility and natural beauty. The allure of waking up to the lagoon's gentle waves and spending evenings under a starlit sky is an experience sought after by many. This article highlights the best waterfront properties that promise a slice of paradise with direct access to the mesmerizing Bacalar Lagoon.

Top Beachfront Hotels in Bacalar

Casa Bakal

On the lagoon's edge, Casa Bakal has a perfect location for convenience, relaxation and comfort. It has a pool, terrace, grass area, restaurant and is pet friendly. Its picturesque pier allows you to soak in the stunning sunsets, making every moment spent here a memory to cherish.

The Yak Lake House

Ideal for the budget-conscious, adventurous soul, The Yak Lake House offers an array of water-based activities. From sunrise kayaking to boat trips, it caters to those who wish to explore the lagoon's hidden treasures.

MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique

Renowned for its seamless blend of modern conveniences and natural beauty, MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique ensures a hassle-free stay with digital check-ins, exceptional service, and amenities that promise relaxation right on the lagoon's shore.

Xcabal Boutique Hotel

Xcabal Boutique Hotel offers complimentary kayaks and paddleboards, inviting guests to glide over the lagoon's crystal-clear waters, a perfect blend of leisure and exploration.

Casa Hormiga

With its exclusive beach club, Casa Hormiga offers guests a unique experience, ensuring a seamless transition from the comfort of your room to the tranquility of the lagoon's shore.

Vacation Rentals and B&Bs with Lagoon Access

Villa Marilu B&B Bacalar

An adults-only rental, Villa Marilu B&B provides a secluded beach area, lush gardens, and balconies that open up to breathtaking views. The property prides itself on personalized service and a peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking solitude and serenity by the water​​​​​​.

Amigos Hotelito Bacalar

With its private beach and communal spaces, Amigos Hotelito offers a cozy and intimate setting. The property's commitment to a personalized experience ensures that every guest feels at home, amidst the natural beauty of Bacalar.

Hotel Rancho Encantado

Famed for its on-site restaurant and complimentary breakfast, Hotel Rancho Encantado offers a serene escape with its private dock and lush surroundings, inviting guests to dine and relax by the water's edge.

Unique Stays and Experiences

Bacalar's beachfront properties offer more than just a place to stay; they promise unique experiences. From private docks for an early morning swim to sunrise kayaking trips, these establishments go above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable stay.


Choosing the right beachfront property in Bacalar can transform a simple getaway into an extraordinary experience. Whether it's the luxury of a boutique hotel or the charm of a cozy B&B, Bacalar's waterfront accommodations offer something for every traveler, making it a must-visit destination for those in search of peace, beauty, and a touch of adventure.